Pakistan beats India in race to CERN Associate Membership


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Well at least, that's the title given by our Times of India to the subject .
Now is it an accurate title given that both Russia and Japan together with India still
remain "merely" observers in CERN .

Gladly welcome discussion on the topic .

here is the url and some relevant portions of the article are cut and pasted below :-
Pakistan beats India in race to become Cern associate member - The Times of India

Pakistan beats India in race to become Cern associate member
Kounteya Sinha,TNN | Dec 19, 2014, 08.25 PM IST

Pakistan beats India in race to become Cern associate member

LONDON: Pakistan on Friday beat India in the race to become an associate member of Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research), the world's largest particle physics laboratory that recently found some evidence of "God particle".

A senior official of Cern had told TOI earlier in an exclusive interview in London that beauracratic red tape in India had slowed down the country's intentions of joining Cern as an associate member.

On Friday, Cern director general Rolf Heuer and the chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Ansar Parvez signed in Islamabad in presence of prime minister Nawaz Sharif, a document admitting Pakistan to Cern Associate Membership, subject to ratification by the government of Pakistan.

"Pakistan has been a strong participant in CERN's endeavours in science and technology since the 1990s," said Rolf Heuer. "Bringing nations together in a peaceful quest for knowledge and education is one of the most important missions of Cern. Welcoming Pakistan as a new associate member state is therefore for our organization a very significant event."
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Eh...I think this is very old news. I remember it being posted some time ago:
Pakistan granted Cern’s associate membership - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

From June..perhaps the official induction took place now.

Also the article is a bit misleading...trying to make it look like a Pak-won-we-lost type thing. India was already an observer state (since 2002), as was Japan, Russia, the system was abolished.

We did apply, but for some reason, the papers which were required to be submitted happened to be stuck in the PMO for months
But the final documents which India needed to submit have been stuck at the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) for months now."
Pak to beat India to associate membership to Cern - The Times of India

Maybe they were having second thoughts about it? not sure...

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