New Upgrades and your Feedback!


Feb 19, 2009
As a part to make your experience more exciting, engaging and interactive on DFI we have come up with a lot of new added features which will make sure you get an unparallel experience and one of the finest in the internet forum world.

Google Search, DFI specific:

This is a search specific for DFI, so next time you are trying to search and have forgotten where to find it, well just type in the word there and you will have your desired results.

Live NEWS feed:

Now for all the latest happenings in the world you do not at any point in time need to leave DFI, just go to the live NEWS feed and you will be updated with the latest happenings from right across the globe.

History this day:

History has so much to teach us, and it is always fascinating to know what happened the exact same day but some other year in the past and for that all you need to do is hang on with us here at DFI and you will be updated.

Shout Box on every page of DFI:

Now keep your self updated of all that is happening on the forum and for that you do not need to come to the home page since now shout box appears on every page of the forum.

Members from which country?:

Get to know from what all countries members visit DFI. Gives an understanding of how with in a very short time span DFI has grown and got popular right across the globe.


Please give us a feedback on the new features that have been added.


New Member
Feb 16, 2009
one more feature is added that is similar thread that appears on every thread page at the footer , this is a new feature and only available for recent or newly posted thread it wont appear for old threads from the database , this feature will help members interested in a particular thread to automatically find other similar threads on the same topic check the footer of this page to get the demo

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