Multi-purpose nanotechnology innovation parks for India


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Jul 15, 2009
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Multi-purpose nanotechnology innovation parks for India

US based Nanotechnology firm Nanobiosym is planning to set up multi-purpose nanotechnology innovation parks, the first of its kind in India.

Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat have already signed MOUs with the globally recognised firm to establish the Nanobiosym Tech Park in India.

“Nanobiosym is already at work forming strategic alliances and innovative public-private partnerships with governments and NGOs and the private sector to help make its flagship Gene-RADAR technology available and affordable to people in developing countries sooner rather than later,” Nanobiosym Chairman and CEO Anita Goel said.

“Our motto is, with one stroke of the tiny nanotech product platform (Gene-RADAR), to alter the landscape of several multi-illion dollar global industries such as water testing, food and beverage safety testing, biodefence and biometrics, in addition to personalised medicine and point of care diagnostics,” Goel, a Harvard and MIT-trained physicist and physician, said.

Gene-Radar is a mobile phone like device in which a small drop of blood, saliva or water is placed. The machine can then display what disease the person has. It detects signatures of DNA and RNA, she said.

By doing some of our large scale nano manufacturing in India, Nanobiosym hopes to make our systems more affordable and available to address unmet healthcare needs of people in the developing world, with a special focus on improving healthcare delivery to people at the bottom of the pyramid,” she said.

Goel, an internationally recognised nanotech scientist, envisions the Nanobiosym Technology Park in India to be an integrated ecosystem for innovation and social good that will include advanced research and development, manufacturing, healthcare, wellness centers, education, and rural development.

This will also comprise of eight special purpose vehicles (SPVs) with each organised around a specific purpose mission, she said.

“This will become a part of a broader Nanobiosym Global Knowledge Ecosystem, comprised of organisations from various sectors, including Fortune 500 companies, governments, NGOs, academia, non-profits and thought leaders who share Nanobiosym’s mission to bring cutting edge innovations to emerging markets in a sustainable way,” Goel said.

Gene-RADAR platform could enable testing of large human and animal populations at farms, airports, borders and clinics enabling more effective counter-measures to early stage infections and deadly outbreaks such as SARS, Avian flu or Swine Flu.

In case of deadly epidemics or pandemics, the Gene-RADAR platform can help enable widespread, real-time tracking and containment of an infection’s migration.

Goel said, in the Indian context, Nanobiosym plans to work with leading specialists to bring its cutting edge diagnostic capabilities not only to leading hospitals, healthcare providers, and clinics but also to partners in humanitarian, NGOs and governmental organizations in India involved with health care in rural areas.

“We plan to bring some of the most cutting edge science and technology capabilities from around the world into a local ecosystem which engages the local people and that can maximise the socio-economic and humanitarian benefits to the local people,” she said.

At the same time, the Nanobiosym Knowledge Ecosystem will enable constant exchange with the global scientific, technological, and business and global development communities to bring sustainable and scalable solutions in a holistic way to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The Hindu : Business / Industry : Multi-purpose nanotechnology innovation parks for India


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Apr 6, 2009
nanotech used in MEMS sensor fabrication is the need of the hour. MEMS based gyros and accelerometers find very good applicarion in UAV ,UCAV and fighter aircrafts and missiles too as IMU! we need these sensors for our defence and aerospace industry!

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