Moscow to be decorated with portraits of Stalin on Victory Day


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Feb 16, 2009
The city authorities intend to remind citizens about the role of Joseph Stalin in the Great Patriotic War. Information stands, telling about it, planned to be located in different parts of Moscow in April, told RIA Novosti Press Officer Committee of advertising, information and decoration of the capital. Stalin's name was not mentioned in the festive decoration of the capital since the Soviet era.

Posters of "Great Leader" will appear in the field of formation of the national militia. As explained to Interfax chairman of the committee of advertising, information and presentation of Moscow, Vladimir Makarov, "stand on the role of the Supreme Commander to be installed on multiple requests of veterans' organizations." In particular, an application to the city authorities asked the chairman of the Moscow city council of war veterans, labor and law enforcement Vladimir Dolgikh.

By April 1, will post the main posters, to April 15 - decorate shop windows and facades of buildings, and to April 20 - large-scale panels of military topics.


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