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Feb 16, 2009
DFI has set up special usergroup for members who have actively served the armed forces or are a member of the armed forces round the world we do not discriminate amongst nationalities we believe member of the armed forces deserve a lot of respect as they are the ones who are our inspiration and mentor, they provide us with the knowledge which is un-paralleled in matters of defence so we have special features installed for men from the services to this we would like to notify that the MILITARY PRO<THINKTANK > rank is reserved only for members who have served the armed forces of their nation actively and in case of a conflict.

also we would like to introduce a new section for those members who are related to the armed forces indirectly namely medics,defence journalists,foreign service members,or are part of the defence delegation the new usergroup for such members will be introduced in due course of time

if any new member is related to the defence industry or the services in any way please contact the DFI staff , we would like to honour such individuals with special recognisation

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