Interview: ThyssenKrupp Marine ready for complete transfer of stealth and composite t


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Interview: ThyssenKrupp Marine ready for complete transfer of stealth and composite technology

08 Mar 2010 8ak: ThyssenKrupp Marine’s Rear Admiral (retd) Jonathan Kamerman in an exclusive conversation with 8ak mentioned, that Thyssenkrupp was ready for complete Transfer of Technology (ToT) to India. “As a basic business philosophy we transfer technology fully, meaning complete transfer of design expertise, local construction expertise, technical assistance, follow up, post sales support etc. to our customers,” said Kamerman.
On the programs in India, he said that besides its main product offering, the frigates, ThyssenKrupp was also involved in developing high-tech materials like providing composite materials for existing warships having problems with steel and stability. Referring to India’s ship building infrastructure, Kamerman said that India had a wide and mature ship building base, but had declined in logistical and technological modernity. Adding further he said that it was in the latter area that they could help India.
On the commercial front, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems is in the process of selling a majority stake in its Greece-based Hellenic shipyard, which is also the largest shipyard in the country to Abu Dhabi Mar (ADM) group. Full news
In terms of submarines, the company is signing a contract by Kockums AB, a part of ThyssenKrupp Marine, with FMV (the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration), for the design phase of a next-generation submarine, to be known as the A 26 class.
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