Indian Air Force में Mig-35 Fighter Jet का कितना Chance है?


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Mar 19, 2020
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Pretty much nil chance.

Already the IAF didn't consider the MiG-35 as a platform worth investing in. That was clear from MRCA contest itself. Avionics wise the Russians are not in the same league as the French or Americans and the IAF knows it fully well. Even air to air missiles is a sector where the Russians are now lagging behind the West and even India, given where we are with Astra Mk1/Mk2 and SFDR based Astra Mk3. the R-77 is now not state of the art and there is no Meteor or AMRAAM AIM-120D comparable BVRAAM from the Russians.

And now that the Rafale has been inducted, the IAF will have a very clear idea of the level of sensor fusion, SPECTRA, AESA radar and Front Sector Optronique type IR/TV capabilities it wants. MiG-35 is nowhere near that level.

The MiG-35 was already lacking in investments from the RuAF and now with the Russian Ukrainian conflict, the odds of a massive purchase from Russia is next to nil. Except maybe for the S-400 for which extra units may be procured due to the sunk investment already.

the only thing that one may see is a very cheap offer from MiG to try and be L1. But I doubt that it will meet all the requirements that the MRFA RFP will definitely put in.

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