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Aug 1, 2012
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India to purchase extra batch of Russia's T-90 tanks

MOSCOW, April 9. /TASS/. The Indian government has made a decision to purchase an extra batch of T-90 tanks for its armed forces. Russia is prepared to prolong the corresponding license, the federal service for military-technical cooperation told TASS.

"Russia is prepared for prolonging the license and building up the production of T-90 tanks in India in connection with the Indian government’s decision to purchase more tanks for its armed forces," the federal service said.

Russia will continue to furnish assistance to partners in India "in the further production of the aforesaid armored vehicles."

Earlier on Tuesday Jane’s publishing company quoted anonymous sources as saying that India’s Cabinet Committee on Security had approved the decision to purchase a batch of 464 T-90MS of Russian manufacture.

Export of Russian tanks to India

The first contract for selling T-90 tanks to India was signed in 2001. The Uralvagonzavod corporation was to provide 124 finished vehicles and another 186 assembly kits for the Indian Defense Ministry.

In 2004, Russia and India concluded a contract for the licensed production of one thousand T-90 tanks. Three years later they signed an agreement on the supply of another 124 finished vehicles and another 223 assembly kits.

In 2017, India agreed to prolong the tank production license. The deputy chief of Russia’s federal service for military technical cooperation, Vladimir Drozhzhov, told TASS that Russia was prepared to "meet any request from the Indian partners regarding the production or supply of T-90S tanks."



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Apr 5, 2010
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In 2017 Indian defense ministry gave go ahead for purchase of some 465 T-90 S Tanks ... Is this present 464 T-90 MS order is additional to the earlier order ?


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Nov 23, 2017
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MOD to approve purchase of 464 T-90 tanks for indian army only if they are 80% Made-In-India
The Cabinet committee on security has given its nod to procure 464 Russian T-90MS main battle tanks but will continue to hold out on finalising the deal till the Russian manufacturer agrees to the ToT for Make-In-India.

The Defence Ministry has asked the original equipment manufacturer of the tanks Uralvagonzavod to increase the local production from the proposed 40 per cent to 80 per cent. The tanks are to be license produced by the state run Heavy Vehicles Factory.

Till now, India has procured almost 1200 T-90 tanks from Russia in a factory fitted version with additional equipment of India & Israel. But the new 1130hp engine alone accounts to about 40 per cent of the cost of T-90MS tank and is not produced by the OFB.

T-90MS is also as structurally different from the T-90, as MWF is from Tejas Mark 1. Only basic platform is same; otherwise the gun, autoloader, turret-shape, added-on armour & tech, etc. are all different!!!
Instead of buying a quite new foreign tanks we could also go for simple tech upgradation (on lines of Super Sukhoi) of our present & new T-90s to MS standard with the new ERA & better layout, APS & new RCWS & gun... like the new T-90s of Iraqi army.
... or T-72B3
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Jul 14, 2019
I don't think the T-90MS is outfitted with the 2A82M. As far as I've read it's armed with a 2A46M gun. I thought only the T-90M is pIanned to receive the new gun.

I would assume the Indian tanks will be as similar as possible the 1000+ of T-90S tanks already in service in India.


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Apr 13, 2013
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Army moves to identify Indian partners to develop advanced protection system for tanks

With the Ministry of Defence (MoD) having recently approved the procurement of advanced protection and counter-measure system for its fleet of T-90 tanks, the Army has moved to identify Indian partners to develop the system that would enhance the survivability of armoured vehicles against incoming missiles and projectiles in the battlefield.
The Army has about 2,000 T-90 tanks in its inventory, which were initially procured in batches from Russia and later built by Heavy Vehicles Factory at Avadi near Chennai. India is expected to manufacture T-90s till 2028. These were also airlifted to Ladakh last year and deployed along the Line of Actual Control during the stand-off with China.

The system’s soft kill component will provide an audiovisual warning on being targeted or engaged by a hostile platform, use decoy smoke to counter lasers and camouflage against detection and lock-on by the enemy. It is aimed at degrading or defeating in-coming laser, infra-red or radar-guided missiles by means of electro-optical signals or jamming. The hard kill component will use sensors to detect incoming projectiles and use countermeasures like grenades to destroy them before they can hit the tank.

The Army’s requirement is for a system that can detect more than one direction of attack simultaneously and protect armoured vehicles against threats from guided missiles and projectiles fired up to a velocity of 1000 meters per second. It should be capable of all-weather day and night operations at temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius.


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Feb 14, 2021
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the 464 t-90 were t-90 S not t-90 MS. they were costly compared to previous t-90 S because of technology transfer paid per tank.

if you want to draw a imaginary comparison between t-72 and t-90. lets say t-72 is like tejas mk-1, then t-90 is like tejas mk-1a. not much difference at all.

t-90 is nothing but junk. its just that russian got rid of excessive losses in developmental costs of supposed t-95 (object 195) predecessor of t-14.

both t-90 and object -195 were made by the same company ural-vagon-zavod.

the t-72 m1s are even bigger junk. those things have literally steel armour. no composite armour.
its literally modern guns, fire control system, etc.., placed on ww2 armour. they are downgraded versions of t-72 A

so the t-72 ajeya mk1 and mk2 are nothing but literal tin-can- 72 with added era. those things can be one -shotted by todays tungsten alloy penetrators forget about D-uranium penetrators.

arjun mk-1(not even mk1a) is like 100 times better than t-72 m1 and 10 times better than t-90 S.

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