India Plans to buy S-400


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Aug 12, 2015
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I've heard this arguments a lot of time but don't know how accurate they are.
What I know is that its very very difficult to accurately track or even accurately locate an object in 3D space at a given instance with with low frequency radar let alone providing targeting solution for its successful engagement with missiles or guns. Low frequency radar provide poor resolution making difficult even to classify flying object at long range. More-ever low frequency radars can easily be jammed.
Yes. You can't track and target any plane with low frequency radar.

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Jan 14, 2020
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Components of S-400 Triumf Air Defence System:- 1) 55K6E command post 2) 91N6E acquisition and battle mgmt radar 3) 92N6E engagement and fire control radar 4) 5P85TE2/5P85SE2 launchers 5) 96L6E all altitude acquisition radar 6) 40V6MR mobile mast system.

1) 55K6E command post: -Controls all components in group of batteries, collects and presents status info of all components. -Controls operating modes of 91N6E radar, including IFF/SSR functions. -Houses a 5 person crew.

2) 91N6E acquisition and battle mgmt radar: -Upgraded variant of 64N6E radar. - Can detect upto 300 targets at range of 600km. - Operates on the S band. - Can detect ballastic missiles at ranges upto 600km. - 5 minutes deployment time.

3) 92N6E engagement and fire control radar: - I/J band multi function phased array engagement radar. - It has a range of 400km and can track 100 targets. - Automatically prioritize targets, compute launch acceptable regions for launches, launch missiles, midcourse guidance.

4) 5P85TE2/ 5P85SE2 Launchers: A regular S-400 batallion is composed of 8-12 launchers and a mobile command post. 5P85TE2 is a towed TEL. 5P85SE2 is a self propelled TEL.


5) 96L6E all altitude acquisition radar: - Max detection range of 300km and can track 100 targets simultaneously at speeds between 30-2750 m/s. - If required, can be fitted to a 40V6M tower unit for better low altitude coverage.

6) 40V6MR mobile mast system: 91N6E Grave stone radar can be installed on the 40V6MR mobile mast system for operation in complex or heavily forested terrain. Used to elevate a radar antenna by using a mast so that it can increase it's detection range against low altitude target.

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