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Feb 10, 2009
  1. Do not post one-liners or one line replies. We understand that sometimes a topic/subject may only require one line reply but for most of the time please put some effort in your replies and content so it adds value to the subject/topic being discussed. Posting just to increase your post count is highly discouraged, you will not get far with number of posts you have but quality of those posts.
  2. Do not start "this vs that" topic threads. We encourage detailed comparison of weapon systems which looks at capabilities of weapon systems being compared but not in form of "weapon A vs. weapon B." Please be detailed and give reasons why such and such weapon system would be better for various conflict scenarios.
  3. Do not use these forums for any commercial purpose - no solicitation of funds, no advertising, and no solicitation for goods or services.
  4. Do not post anything illegal or injurious (including libelous, defamatory, or abusive statements, obscenity, profanity, or pornography).
  5. Do not post irrelevant topics/replies. The, its moderators, and members of this community reserve the right to delete posts we determine are irrelevant to the discussion in which they're posted.
  6. Do not disrespect anyone on this board-whether you disagree with them or agree with them. It is suggested that you keep your cool and show restraint when discussing important defence matters.
  7. Do not disrespect military personnel of other countries. DefenceForum.In considers them dedicated professionals who put their lives on the line for their motherland.
  8. Do not put more than 8 smilies/emoticons in your posts. If you do, your posts will be edited.
  9. Do not link, in any post, to pages elsewhere on the Web that violate either these rules or their spirit.
  10. Please provide your real name and an e-mail address where we may contact you, if necessary, during the registration process. You may choose any username you desire.
  11. Do not post racial slurs, racist remarks against other people and countries of the world as we have participants from all over the world and we want to show highest form of respect for them as you would want them to show for your country.
  12. Do not use multiple user names to conceal your identity.
  13. It's your Defence Forum too! Let us or your fellow posters know if you feel things are getting off-topic or inappropriate. Thanks.
  14. Do not start inflammatory threads with purpose of degrading/defaming another country, its leaders or its people.
  15. Do not encourage or support terrorism/terrorist activity on our forums/website. condemns all forms of terrorism. Although we discuss war and military, it does not mean we promote war and use of military force. We believe in Peace and peaceful resolution to outstanding disputes around the world.
  16. Do not post religious sermons in your replies. This is a Defence forum and only topics/issues related to Defence are allowed and discussed.
  17. Proper punctuation is a must. Do not add excessive dots as a replacement for a comma. this....isn't read. also watch the spelling. [Its hrd 2 reed whn peple tipe poorly, its also trashy! This will make posts much nicer, neat and easy to read for fellow participants. This isn't done on most forums, its time you get use to it here.
  18. Please avoid spurious bold face, italics, and underline. Furthermore, colours are fine, but an overdose of colours can also make reading long passages a very straining experience.
  19. Do not post LINK/URL to external FORUMS and message boards.
  20. Do not use forums for "lobby" purposes. DefenceForum is an international website but that does not mean you can abuse its forums by posting false and anti-"country" information in order to degrade members of that country or its position in the world community. We will not allow that.</I>
  21. You must post source of your information/articles ( link, website, book, magazine, etc.).
  22. You must have fun and let others do the same.
  23. Do not post in ALL CAPS letters on the forums. Its considered rude
    DFI reserves the right to check your PM folder from time to time to stop anti-forum activities and spamming
  24. We are not a democratic forum and we are pro-Republic of India and anti-any "ism" opposed to the Republic of India.
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