Finally, BrahMos Cruise Missile will be into IAF's armoury after March 2017


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Mar 28, 2016
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The Indian Air Force will get the Brahmos aviation cruise missile added to its armoury after March 2017, Praveen Pathak, official representative of BrahMos Aerospace told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

Over the past two years, the air version of the BrahMos cruise missile (developed jointly by India and Russia) has been continuously in India on the Su-30MKI plane. The naval and land versions of the missile have already been added to the armoury of their respective wings in the Indian armed forces.

"Adopting the BrahMos air-based missile will be done after March 2017, when the missile test analysis with the Su-30MKI for marine and terrestrial targets is carried out," Pathak said at an arms exhibition Indo Defence 2016.

Pathak said the two-year cycle of tests, which included building a launch pad for missiles and the Su-30MKI, and bench tests on the ground will be completed in March, with the launch of the Su-30MKI missiles for ground targets.

At the same time, Pathak noted that for experts who conducted the tests, it was important to compensate for the vibration shocks that occurred.

"We were able to compensate for the vibration due to the new technologies that have been used by the BrahMos. These technologies are unique in the world", said the BrahMos representative.


Sep 7, 2015
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That's good to hear!

But what about the new rifles, bullet proof vests, night vision devices, light weight helmets, sat com for units, light weight rucksacks (FSMO) etc for the infantry which is in a combat situation 24X7 unlike the air force/Navy? Billions being spent for them but peanuts for the infantry without which a battle cannot be won!

Sucks, what?

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