Documenting Pakistani Army and Paramilitary Causalities and Deaths from Year 1999 to the Future.


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Oct 27, 2019
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This Thread was created so that we can collect all the details of all the Causalities India has inflicted against Pakistani Army from 1999 still now or if that is not possible a Paki causality thread from 2010 to till now. This Thread Should include Casualties that have been already Revealed by the Porki ISPR and also the ones that are hidden from general Paki Public and Politicians. We need to gather as much as Paki Casualty Data from Social Media Platforms and other resources as possible. The Thread Should include the Pictures of the Paki Soldiers and Where they were killed and when (means year and date if possible) they were killed by Our Forces. This Thread Should start from the Year of 1999 and go Descending Order towards the Future Years. We need this thread to expose lies Spread by the Current DG ISPR AssSniff Bafoonra and also the future ones as well. In Future We Should create a Thread Documenting Paki Casualties in the KP, Balochistan, Iran and Afghan Border Areas as well. I Hope Patrotic Indians on this Forum Would Contribute to this Thread. I got this Idea from Paki Army Causalities Thread Created by NeXoft007 on Twitter before he was banned.
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