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Tihar Jail
Jan 14, 2020
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Now some work done by NAL.

Integrated Enhanced and Synthetic Vision System for Transport Aircraft.

The instrument landing system (ILS) is currently the predominant navigation aid to enable low-visibility/ceiling approach and take-off operations. But it is very expensive
and economically not feasible to provide ILS at all airports. To minimize the cost, aircraft-based technologies are being envisaged to provide EVO capability. Synthetic vision system (SVS) and enhanced vision system (EVS) or a combination of the two known as integrated enhanced and synthetic vision
system (IESVS) as well as global position system (GPS) with augmentation system are the key technologies being considered. These new aircraft-based enhanced flight vision data in combination with an accurate airport database will allow greater access and throughput at airports that would otherwise be unavailable due to insufficient ground infrastructure.

Reduced visibility and reduced situational awareness are the main cause for accidents during controlled flight into terrain
(CFIT)and IESVS is the suggested technology to bring down
such accidents.


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