Dawood laundering money for prominent Indians, including Bollywood actor, new call intercepts reveal


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Feb 17, 2015
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In a shocking revelation, Indian security agencies have reportedly identified a prominent Bollywood actor as well as some other Indians who have been receiving the D Company&'s help to park their illegal money abroad.

India Today reported that the security agencies have identified the Bollywood actor after intercepting calls made by two Dawood operatives based in Pakistan and Sharjah, UAE.Citing the intelligence agencies, the report claimed that Dawood Ibrahim, a designated international terror financier, has been syphoning money for a top Bollywood star and some other white-collared Indians.

It is believed that the money is being parked in Panama and Canada.
The intercepts also reportedly revealed that Dawood's new code name is Bade Hazarat
The report further claimed that the intercepts are quite recent.
The revelations are quite sensational in nature because they reveal the D Company's involvement in money laundering for some select people, including a prominent Bollywood star, India Today said.
Other than that there are persons who could be businessmen or some politicians whom the intelligence agencies are trying to identify, the report said.
“The actor has been narrowed down,” the report said without naming the actor.
What's interesting is that the intercepts reveal the D Company's reconnection with Bollywood.
“The intelligence agencies are in the know of the person who had links with Dawood. The D Gang was in touch with the actor and some other prominent persons from India,” the report said

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