Dawood Ibrahim Critical in Karachi After Heart Attack: Reports


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Mar 24, 2013
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Posted on: April 28, 2017, 11:24 PM IST | Updated on: April 28, 2017, 11:57 PM IST
Manoj Gupta , CNN-News18

New Delhi: One of the world’s most wanted men and fugitive Mumbai underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is in critical condition in Karachi after he suffered a heart attack, sources told CNN-News18.

However, his top lieutenant Chota Shakeel told CNN-News18 over phone -- another fugitive from Indian law, he too is believed to be in Karachi -- that Ibrahim was perfectly fine and sought to dismiss all rumours.

According to Indian intelligence sources, Dawood's movement was last reported on April 19 when he attended a dinner party at his son-in-law's residence in Karachi.

CNN-News18 had reported last year that Dawood has crippling gangrene in his legs and was receiving treatment at his posh residence in the upscale Clifton neighbourhood of Karachi, sources said.

Sixty one-year-old Dawood is wanted in India for organising and financing the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts that left 257 dead and 717 injured. The blasts were carried out with the help of his subordinates, Tiger Memon and Yakub Memon. In July 2015, Yakub Memon was hanged to death for this crime, while Dawood and Tiger are still free.

Indian intelligence sources believe news about Dawood’s latest medical condition is being kept a secret by Pakistan, which has always denied that he lives in that country. They believe there would be no official announcement in case he dies because it would be difficult for Pakistan to admit his presence in Karachi.

Dawood fled to Dubai in the 1980s after the Mumbai Police crackdown on the underworld, and left for Pakistan under the protection of the country’s intelligence agency ISI.

Dawood's presence in Pakistan is the world's most open secret. A few journalists have claimed to have met the underworld don, but none have ever written about those meetings.

The last exhaustive account of Dawood's life in Pakistan appeared in a Karachi-based magazine Newsline in the year 2001. The reporter Ghulam Hasnain was reportedly harassed by the ISI and the Pakistani Army over the article, which busted Islamabad's links with Dawood. The magazine's website doesn't have a link to that story now.

File photo of Dawood Ibrahim's residence (circled) in the posh Clifton neighbourhood in Karachi, Pakistan.

If Hasnain's account is to be believed, Dawood, then a 46-year-old, led a very colourful life. Hasnain wrote that Dawood lived like a king in a palatial house spread over 6,000 square yards, with swimming pool, tennis courts, snooker room and a high-tech gym. He wore designer clothes, owned top of the line Mercedes cars and four-wheel drives.

Having fled India, Dawood established his own underworld in Karachi, and expanded the D-company's global empire. He ran a multimillion dollar betting and match-fixing racket in cricket. Pakistan's most powerful including political leaders and top cricketers queued up to be feted by him.

The legends are many and at one point he was said to have bailed out the Pakistan Central Bank.

Pakistan not only gave Dawood shelter, but also a conducive hunting ground for his criminal network. Pakistani hitmen hired by Dawood, Hasnain's article said, attempted to kill his earlier No. 2 Chhota Rajan at his flat in Bangkok.

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The hitmen went with a birthday cake to wish Rajan on his birthday, but managed to kill only his aide and wife. The shooting was later depicted in detail in a Bollywood film 'Company' believed to be based on the lives of Dawood and Rajan.

Bitter rivals today, Dawood and Rajan built the D-company toppling the don of Bombay underworld and their mentor Haji Mastan. Together, they rewrote the rules of the underworld, not hesitating to kill their rivals without a blink.

Son of a police inspector, Dawood, built a network of informants in Mumbai Police, which allegedly works to his advantage even today.



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Jul 12, 2014
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Dawood Ibrahim breathing his last...!! Don is on ventilator after brain surgery in Karachi. (Sources)

Paralysis attack 20 days ago. Brain tumour removed by a renowned Pak surgeon on 22nd April. On ventilator since operation failed.


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Apr 16, 2016
I donno why, but I feel that this is fake news. Even more, Pak/ISI wants to create a fake death for Dawood, so that RAW would stop chasing after him and his assets!?

Now let me explain you why this seems to be fake news, I hope you guys remember Chota (Nawaz) Sharif heart operation. He had it in london. Assume Dawood had tumor in his brain do you guys think that he would take treatment from Paki doctor than go to Dubai and take treatment!?

Do you know any medical case who is on ventilator surviving a heart attack, that too after brain surgery. I'd he'd be dead before heart attack. One thing that would save you on ventilator is a healthy heart. My uncle was on ventilator, due to health issues. His heart started to respond weakly and he died in an hour.

I strongly feel that this is a fake news for sure.


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Oct 13, 2015
:lol: famous "source" strikes again. last time similar source told that Dawood Property has been confiscated by UAE on the request of Indian govt which turns out to be a bogus news by zee news fanboys.

And even if he is dying it doesn't mean he has been assassinated by RAW or killed in Indian Airstrike Lamo

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