Croatian Air Force in the Operation Storm 95


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Mar 8, 2013
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In the Homeland War, the role and importance of the Croatian Air Force grew steadily. Air Force was especially important in the Operation Storm, the final operation for liberation of occupied areas of Croatia.

Development of the Air Force
Beginning of the Croatian Air Force began with the air groups formed at the Command of the Croatian National Guard, commands and individual units of the Operational zones, which were working on the formation of first air force units as well as collecting the necessary hardware to form the future Air Force and Air Defense. Already in the early October and by the late 1991. the first air units are created in the form of air sections, platoons and squadrons, first unit for the air control and direction, and the first unit of air defense. Old, written-off munitions, sport and agricultural aircraft were sent to the sky to protect Croatian sky and land.

First combat actions of Croatian aircraft were short and limited in effect, but crucial for morale. News how an aircraft had brought humanitarian help to encircled Vukovar quickly spread not just within the city but throughout Croatia as a whole, significantly improving morale and confidence into the Croatian Army as well as morale of the troops themselves.

Antonov An-2 – first “combat” aircraft of Croatian Air Force, used in rudimentary close air support missions early in the war


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