Chinese waiter who walked to India creates diplomatic conundrum


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May 6, 2009
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New Delhi, June 2 (ANI): A Chinese waiter, who walked into Arunachal Pradesh, has left the Indian Government facing a diplomatic conundrum.uan Liang, 28, was detained in Arunachal on May 18 and is now being questioned by Home Ministry and Army Intelligence officials, T Ringu, the Superintendent of Police Special Branch in Arunachal, told The Times.Newspapers said Guan fled to India after police raided his restaurant in Beijing over e-mails he sent complaining about human rights abuses committed by the Chinese Army and police.

Ringu was unable to provide further details about Guan's background, how he travelled such a vast distance across China and why he chose to cross into Arunachal.

The case is a rare example, possibly the first ever, of a Chinese national, other than a Tibetan, seeking asylum in India. It also comes as India and China try to ease tensions over several issues, particularly China's territorial claims over Arunachal.

Both sides have tried to play down their differences, which include China's alleged plans to dam the Brahmaputra River, and India's recent ban on Chinese telecommunications equipment. (ANI)

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