Chanakya's Arthashastra


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Jul 12, 2017
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I had read the book a long time ago. At that time what most impressive part I found was the use of various vegetable to use enemy army temporray blind, to use arrows dipped into donkey blood with some herbs to use on enemy army to rabies in enemy soldiers and they will bite others and they too will have it.

Other part I found interesting was if a price becomes outlines and becomes adict of girls and wine, how to bring him ofn track and if he does not improve, how to kill him. How to kill a king if he becomes incompetent and who should replace him etc etc. When to make war and when to make peace.

How to administer internal matters. How much profit margin should be on perishable and non perishable goods etc. How to administer brothels. How to build forts and from where to bring elephants and train them. How to make palaces fire proof. What sort of utensil a king should use to get warning of poison. He should always eat food after offering it to dogs and birds so that poison can be detected. How should there be shaving and barber must not be allowed to enter with his own instruments and cloths as he can cut the throat of king of apply poison on it and kill king. How king should beheave with queen. He should always called queen to his room and should not go to queens's room as there can be a plan to kill king there. What should of advisors a king should appoint. etc etc. If an high rank officer is charged with corruption, how a king should deal with it. how to stop corruption and fraud etc etc.

It is a great book on political science and administration and all the aspects are touched in great detail.

What I found odd is some punishments of cutting various parts of body as a punishment or heavy monitory penalty inplace amputation.
Is there a good English translation of it to read?


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Jan 7, 2016
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Arthashastra is a great book. I have read some part of that. I have heard that Pakistan army recommends its officers to trad it.
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