BOLT system to give Indian army an edge on the battlefield


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Jun 29, 2009
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BOLT system to give Indian army an edge on the battlefield

PUNE: City-based communication technology solutions company Transworld has developed Battle Online Tracking (BOLT) system for the Indian army, which will have tracking systems for tanks and heavy vehicles on the battlefield to ensure timely logistical support.

“The army formations will have a combination of communication capabilities like encrypted or local radio apart from GPRS and GSM. The solution will enable the officer concerned to see all his assets and it will be possible to zero-in on a particular tank or truck in the battlefield right from the army headquarters through an online platform,” Transworld Compressor Technologies Limited managing director Vikram Puri told Sakaal Times.

The solution, provided through a device called Mobile Eye, has already been successfully tested at the Armoured Corps Centre and School, Ahmednagar.

The Northern Command has also started implementing Mobile Eye on their convoys for security against terrorist attacks, Puri said.

To win any battle, the most crucial aspect is timely and adequate logistics support. A tank division of 10,000 troops on the battlefield needs huge amount of logistics, including fuel, food, water and air support.

“A lot of time is spent on the battlefield to ascertain the exact position of assets like tanks. This is traditionally done manually. The information can be intercepted by the enemy, which could be used to block our supply routes. In this case, every device is independent of any communication system and the message is encrypted. It can't be intercepted by enemy,” he said.

Moreover, since the exact location of the tanks are known, logistics support like refuelling, air and artillery cover can be provided precisely.

“The fuel and ration stock can be replenished without delay. This will not hamper the advancement of the troops. The reinforcements can be sent in exact numbers to the exact location. Most importantly, in case of air force or artillery cover, the exact location of our assets will not only help in preventing hitting our own troops, but also attain greater degree of accuracy in destroying the enemy,” Transworld director Khursheed Panthaki said.

Even if the enemy knocks out a few tanks which have the device, the communication system would not be affected as long as two tanks having the device installed are functional. “It is a self-healing network. As long as two devices are alive, information flow will continue,” Panthaki said.


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Mar 30, 2009
Ok, my head is officially spinning now.

  1. First we had SATHI
  2. Then that Professor type dude showcasesd another gadget on the F-INSAS demo
  3. Now we have this BOLT thingy

Is anyone coordinating all this fancy gadgetry or are we gonna have a mish mash of stuff here?

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