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Sep 9, 2009
Excerpts from interview with Ashwini Kumar Datt, CMD of Bharat Electronics

Q: There has been some talk about an extremely large sized order on the tactical communication systems from the Indian army that BEL is likely to get. Would you like to comment on that? Is that a confirmed order and by when would any flow through be seen for BEL in that case?

A: These days no orders are confirmed orders; one has to compete and win in most cases. As far as technical communication system is concerned BEL has been developing this system for over a decade now. It's a huge complex system involving very heavy investments already done by BEL and large number of research and development (R&D) engineers working on it and we have reached the status of having the product wherein we can go in for field trials quickly whenever Indian army wants it.
So that preparation over a decade and our abilities of having done similar things and these projects being of strategic nature naturally BEL is making a case that it should be with BEL. Government has to decide in what manner finally the orders would be finalised but BEL stands a good chance and we will continue to work towards getting this technical communication system order to BEL.

what are these tactical comm systems?

Q: Could this order be as big as 10,000 crore? That's the number, which is doing the rounds. Could that be the potential size of the order?

A: Yes, it could be as big as that.

that's a huge order.

Q: Over how many years?

A: Normally, in these cases, you get an order and then you do some small numbers, which are tested in some controlled areas, in some specified field regiments and then you get into bulk supply.
So normally in order of this size once it is obtained would take about three-four years minimum to execute.

Q: From the Air Force what kind of order inflow potential do you see, can you talk a bit about orders you may have already bagged or that you are also bidding for?

A: In case of Air Force we have received in this financial year a big order for our surveillance radar element (SRE) as well as central acquisition radar those orders would be serviced over a period of time. We are expecting some of the command control systems orders from air force and maybe at the end of this year some further requirements of these radars maybe finalised and similarly good orders are expected from Navy.
This year actually we are working for obtaining at least about Rs 7,400-7,500 crore worth orders within the country and maybe about USD 100 million orders from abroad. So that should mean that at the end of the FY10-11, we should still be with an order book, which should be about Rs 13,000 crore.

what systems are we exporting?

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