23rd January


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Mar 22, 2009
23 rd January in Military History : The Legend Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose born on this day of 1897.

Other events :

23rd January, 1879 , Battle of Rorke's Drift ends where British Troops repulses much larger Zulu force, a defining moment in Anglo-Zulu war history.

23rd January, 1943 : Tripoli captured from Italian-German Army.

23rd January, 1943 : Japanese Army defeated in Papua by US-Australian troops , starting the reverse of the war.

23rd January, 1943 : Battle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea Horse ends with a larger Allied Force consisting of troops of US, New Zealand, British Solomon island and Colonial Fiji numbering 50000 wresting Guadal Canal in Solomon Islands from Japanese Imperial Army numbered 20000 . The battle started on 15th December , 1942 ends with secret Japanese withdrawal, and successful evacuation of Jap troops from there in February , 1943.

23rd January, 1945 : 'Operation Hannibal' launched by Nazi Germany to evacuate Germans from Poland.

(Source : Wikipedia)

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