Solar-Powered Marine Lanterns With AIS Technology

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    Solar technology provider Carmanah Technologies has partnered with Shine Micro to add an automatic identification system (AIS) capability to its line of stand-alone solar-powered LED (light emitting diode) marine lanterns.
    Widely used by ships and vessel traffic services (VTS) to identify and locate vessels, AIS technology enables ships to automatically exchange a range of navigational data including position, course, speed and proximity to other nearby ships, VTS stations, and AIS-equipped navigational buoys.

    According to Ted Lattimore, CEO, Carmanah Technologies, this partnership presents a valuable opportunity for both businesses and their customers.

    "As a manufacturer of solar-powered marine lanterns, Carmanah is well positioned to incorporate Shine Micro's AIS capability as part of an enhanced solar-powered solution," said Lattimore.

    "An integrated solar-LED lantern offers many benefits - it's compact, reliable, low maintenance, and built to endure some of the most challenging environments on Earth - there's no reason why we can't extend these benefits to accommodate Shine Micro's powerful AIS technology as well," added Lattimore.

    "We look forward to working with Shine Micro to develop some exciting new technology for the marine industry - something to help our customers increase safety and security more efficiently and affordably than ever before."

    "It has always been of paramount importance at Shine Micro to produce rugged, high performance AIS equipment with the lowest power consumption in the industry," said Mark Johnson, President, Shine Micro Inc. "This makes the integration with Carmanah's solar LED light technology an excellent fit."

    Carmanah solar LED marine lanterns provide a reliable lighting solution for coast guards, ports and harbour authorities around the world, including New York Harbor, the Port of London, the Suez Canal and Sydney Harbour.
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    This system seems to be a promising product with low maintenance; hope this will be affordable to all and available at every corner of the world. ;;)

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