Riot across France afterright National(anti islam)win dramatic gains

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    Riot police called in as violent clashes break out across France after far-right National Front win dramatic gains in local elections
    There are reports of fights breaking out between demonstrators following heavy defeats in the local elections for France's ruling socialists

    Far-right National Front has beaten governing Socialists in key elections
    National Front president Marie Le Pen says party moved to a 'new level'
    Riot police have clashed with demonstrators outside regional town halls
    Police in holiday towns of Frejus and Beziers report outbreaks of violence
    French President Francois Hollande now expected to reshuffle government

    Fights started outside French town halls tonight as they came under the control of the far-right National Front for the first time following dramatic gains in local elections. :rofl:

    Exit polls suggested that the anti-immigration and anti-Europe party had roundly beaten the governing Socialists in a number of key constituencies.

    'Demonstrators are trying to get at the Front representatives and starting fights,' said a police spokesman in Frejus, the picturesque Mediterranean town which is hugely popular with British tourists.

    Riot police were also out in force in other parts of the country as anti-fascist demonstrators threatened FN candidates with violence.

    It meant further humiliation for Mr Hollande, whose disastrous tax and spend policies have led to economic stagnation, so opening the electoral door to the FN, which is regularly accused of being racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim.

    Violent clashes break out across France after National Front gain in local elections | Mail Online

    and West (US) says 3rd world country like india doesn't need Right wing (BJP) party or Leader MODI
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