Now S-300 and T-80 tank for your backyard

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    Now S-300 and T-80 tank for your backyard |



    Imagine walking into somebody’s’ backyard only to find S-300 Surface to surface missile battery stationed along with Radar receiver. After you come out of the initial shock and only after closer inspection it turns out to be a full sized Inflatable Military Dummy.

    For centuries armies all over the world have effectively used camouflage to protect soldiers, equipment and fortifications from their enemies.Besides traditional methods of camouflage, such as painting, camouflage netting and other disguises, armies also make extensive use of decoys as an alternative means of camouflage.

    Modern war is waged with increasingly sophisticated high technology weapons and equipment. With the advancement of spying and detecting technology and precision guided weapons, all targets in the battlefield have become more and more vulnerable even with the use of camouflage techniques.

    Unlike traditional camouflage, the purpose of decoys is not to conceal forces and equipment, but to divert the enemy from the actual target, which is a proactive defensive strategy in modern war.Military decoys, simulated or dummy targets, can effectively deceive the enemy, reduce damage to real equipment and fortifications, enhance survivability and gain the initiative in battle.

    In World War II, Allied forces set up more than 500 false cities, bases, airfields and shipyards in the United Kingdom consisting of dummy structures that resembled actual buildings and military equipment. These remarkable dummies, built in remote, uninhabited areas, significantly diminished the damage to actual cities and fortifications by causing the Axis forces to waste their time and resources.

    But Military dummies for years have been Exclusively used by forces around the world, but some Chinese suppliers from main land China are eager to supply such military dummies to any body without much difficulties, when contacted and spoke to a Chinese supplier in Chinese B2B E-Commerce business website, we were told that they can supply Military decoys of S-300 SAM batteries along with all support vehicles, others in offer were T-80 and T-72 MBT, Sukhoi Su 27 , Mig-31 aircrafts.

    Suppliers claimed that Dummies have High resemblance to the real thing, due to use of 3-D digital computerized system and are easy to erect and dismantle, and they also claim materials are made of Polyester taffeta which are Infrared and radar reflective materials.

    Russian Military have also demonstrated T-80 inflatable tank, which also comes with parts that warm up in the engine and exhaust area where heat would be detected on a real tank. This helps to trick the infrared detection equipment of enemy scouts. The inflatable tank fits easily into a small pouch and can be unfurled in ten minutes with a special pump. But such systems are not available for civilian purchases, but there is easy availability of such materials from China.
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    I have watched a similar video on TV some time back, a person goes to russia and visits the factory where these r manufactured.
    i think serial was Don't tell my mother i am in russia!!
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    This is not a new concepts allied forces used dummy paratroopers during Normandy operation, American army too use these toys with heat signature devices........

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