Liberal Western societies simpnot equipped to deal with terror

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    Liberal Western societies like Australia, NZ, and most of Western Europe are simply not equipped to deal with Islamist terror.

    These countries that have liberal laws that are focused on the right of the perpetrator and very forgiving coddling criminal justice systems that give hardcore criminals many chances are simply designed for democratic societies where the people have evolved to a certain level. But when the scum-of-the-earth Islamist immigrants start swamping the place......all the rules that the locals abide by go to hell. Their refugee laws are a pipeline to attract psychos who intermingle with true refugees who are really desperate.

    The Islamist guy in Sydney, Australia had a rap sheet that was a mile long.....and yet he was out on bail.
    He had like 40 counts of sexual assault and was a prime suspect in the murder of his wife.

    These Islamists fanatics are able to live off the liberal social benefits and liberal laws, take refuge under the system that protects them, while they simultaneously plot to destroy it and kill the very people who are supporting them and providing them with shelter, food, and wages.

    Its almost as if these states are sponsoring and coddling their ultimate destruction. The police are helpless, the local people are helpless, because the system protects these wierd religious psycho in the name of minority rights.

    The only exception is the US where half the population carries guns and the Islamists thread very carefully.
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