Insider had hand in Maoist ambush

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    Red terror: Bastar bloodbathHeavily-armed Maoists ambushed a convoy of Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh's Bastar district, killing 27 people, including some senior politicians. Insider had hand in Maoist ambush, Karma's son says

    ALLAHABAD: Slain tribal leader Mahendra Karma's son on Friday said the meticulous planning of the Maoists for the May 25 attack on a Congress convoy in Bastar indicated that they had "targeted a particular line of Congress leadership", virtually giving credence to conspiracy theories on alleged involvement of an insider.

    "Maoists are well-organized and armed to the teeth. But they cannot carry out such a big operation successfully without inputs on Congress leaders' movement. This information was provided by someone who was privy to the movement plan," Mahendra Karma's son, Deepak, told TOI after reaching here to immerse the ashes of his father at the Sangam.

    Deepak used to always oversee security arrangements and accompany his father, founder of the now disbanded Salwa Judum which took on the Maoists. "However, this time I was not there. The yatra was to head towards Chitrakoot from Sukma. As Chattisgarh Pradesh Congress committee secretary, I was asked to receive the Parivartan Yatra in Chitrakoot," he said.

    "The fight against Maoists will continue despite my father's death," said Deepak. "This time it will be more organized and in tandem with the policy of the Centre and state government."

    "Their claim of being saviours of the tribals is a sham. People who fight for a genuine cause do not indulge in killing and loot. During the recent massacre of CRPF jawans, retreating Maoists took away their belongings, including wrist watches and mobile phones. The Maoists took away my father's wrist watch, gold chain and other belongings," he said.

    Deepak slammed the Chhattisgarh government, including chief minister Raman Singh, for "betraying" his father as Salwa Judum was disbanded. "My father, who was once the leader of the Opposition in the state, was used by the chief minister for his own benefit. After coming to power in 2004, Raman Singh used my father and later dumped him."

    "My father did not encourage violence and killings through Salwa Judum. He used the outfit to destroy Maoists' network by roping in local tribals. However, his dream was shattered after the Chhattisgarh government withdrew support to the movement," said Deepak.

    On Maoist threats asking Karma's family to leave their village within a week, Deepak said: "The family is committed to serve the people of Chhattisgarh and India come what may. We are used to such threats. Let them come and do whatever they like".

    Insider had hand in Maoist ambush, Karma's son says - The Times of India


    This operation was well conducted and with precision.

    Earlier reports indicate that the Maoists, who were Telegu speaking, had no idea as to who the Salwa Judum chief looked like and likewise for the Congress, both of whom were in the convoy.

    If that be right that they did not know what they looked like, then how did they know that they would be in the convoy?

    It is obvious that someone had given the list of those who would be in the convoy.

    Therefore, it would not be wrong to surmise that someone in the know did provide the information.

    There are interesting questions that are begging answer:

    Why were they looking for Nand Kumar Patel who was apparently not a supporter of Salwa Judum and who had been consistently opposing the Police atrocities on Tribals in Bastar? Why did they kill him and his son?

    Why was the 84-year old Vidya Charan Shukla shot at ?

    It is true that he was the unquestionable leader of Chhatisgarh, but he is a very old man.

    At the same time, it is very unusual for Ajit Jogi, who is not able to walk and is confined to a wheel chair to ask that the PCC President's post be kept vacant, when this election is a life and death question for the Congress and one requires a PCC President who can be everywhere at the same time!

    This report below adds to the confusion, if not intriguing.

    And lastly, the CM himself has admitted that there has been a security lapse.

    One wonders what is happening and what is the reality.
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    NIA probe reveals four Congress leaders were in constant touch with Maoists

    The initial report by National Investigation Agency (NIA) said that four Congress leaders were involved in the deadly attack on Congress convoy by Maoists on May 25.

    Four Congress leaders were in 'constant touch' with Maoists on the fateful day, the report said. It said they have informed the Maoists about the change of route.

    The NIA has got the information after anaylising the call details.

    The suspicion over insiders being involved in the attack was first raised by Mahendra Karma's son Deepak, who claims that such a precision strike couldn't have been possible without insider inputs.

    Earlier, Madhya Pradesh BJP president Narendra Singh Tomar said that former Chhattisgarh chief minister and Congress leader Ajit Jogi was "apparently" the part of the "conspiracy" behind the Maoist attack on Congress convoy that killed 27 people.
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    The city of Humidity

    Atleast someone acknowledges Ajit Jogi's opportunistic nature.

    Good work BJP.

    *Not that I support them
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    The thought occurring to me is a possible parallel to Malaysia from 1968 to 1989.

    Communist Insurgency War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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