INS Vishal (IAC- II) Aircraft Carrier

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    Nuclear propulsion still gives edge over conventional.
    You can take more food, and ammo instead of carrying tons of fuel in case of nuclear aircraft carriers...
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    We need much more details to make that comparison. Going by Wikipedia nuclear Charles de Gaulle has same endurance of 45 days ( limited by food and fuel for aircrafts) as that of conventional vikramaditya. Of course Wikipedia is not the accurate source. So we need more information.

    Meanwhile keep in mind that nuclear propulsion requires far more safety systems than conventional. These systems might end up taking equal space as that the carrier fuel will take.

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    45 days is not quite correct. An AC never sails alone but is supported by a strike grouping. A Carrier Strike Group (CSG) has a combined ammunition, oiler and supply ship (AOE/AOR), that provides fleet logistics support for up to 100 days to the CSG. However, it is less in active battle scenarios.

    Even a nuclear propelled AC needs frequent replenishment, and so do nuclear subs which need to surface fairly often for the purpose, mainly for supplies, water, toiletries and so on.
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