India, South Korea hold security talks

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    India, South Korea hold security talks
    Indian Defence News - India, South Korea hold security talks

    Seoul : India and South Korea have held discussions over emerging dynamics of global and regional security, cooperation in cyber security, defence and space sectors and reviewing bialteral ties.

    Both sides have agreed to institutionalise the dialogue and scale up cooperation further through exchange of experts, as well as, joint research and publications, an official release said.

    The day-long talks were held between India's Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) and the Korea Institute for Defence Analyses (KIDA) here Thursday with the support of the Indian embassy.

    Among other issues the situation in the Korean Peninsula, ASEAN region and around the Indian subcontinent were also discussed.

    Arvind Gupta, Director General of IDSA, led the Indian side while Lt.G (retd.) Bang, Hyo-Bok president of KIDA and former vice army chief, represented the Korean side in the talks.

    The dialogue is taking place within the framework of bilateral celebrations, to commemorate 2013 as the 40th anniversary year of establishment of diplomatic relations between India and South Korea.


    SK wants to reaffirm friends faced with NK aggression?

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