India Concerned Over Victory Of "Dark Forces" Of Terrorism in Afghanistan

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    India Concerned Over Victory Of "Dark Forces" Of Terrorism

    WASHINGTON: India has sought a cautious approach on the US-backed peace talks with the Taliban, warning against a victory for the "dark forces of terrorism" if such negotiations are put on a fast track.
    "While we agree that ultimately there would have to be political solution, we also believe that this should not become an over-riding objective that needs to be achieved at all costs for that would risk the prospect of the victory of the dark forces of terrorism and extremism that have plagued the region for long," Indian Ambassador to the US, Nirupama Rao has said.

    India has been "fully supportive of US efforts to fight terrorism in Afghanistan and to bring stability there. In this regard we are keenly watching recent efforts for a political dialogue," Rao said.

    "Let us not wait for the dusk and the owl of Minerva to spread its wings, with awareness coming too late. Too much is at stake both for Afghanistan, and for our region in what happens in that country," Rao said.

    Rao said both India and the US understand the imperative of ensuring success in Afghanistan. "We have been engaged in developmental assistance efforts in Afghanistan at considerable human and economic cost," she said. Rao said India's vision of Afghanistan is that it should become a stable peaceful and a very strong democratic country.

    "It's a very diverse and pluralistic society like India. How do you cohere all the different ethnic groups and interest together. That's the challenge," she said.

    India concerned over victory of "dark forces" of terrorism - The Economic Times
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    I had to look up that reference.

    I am sure civfanatic knew it right off. :)
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    The Taliban can enter into any agreement and then renegade.

    That would be morally incorrect for us, but not for them.

    They would merely dismiss such agreements as an act of Taaiyya.
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