DRDO programs update (2013-14)

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    Key Points:

    Agni-1, Agni-2 and Agni-3 are already in the arsenal of the Armed Forces, giving them a reach of over 3000 km, and India an effective deterrence capability. Agni-4 ready for serial production.

    Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LRSAM)
    : launch unit have been delivered for two ships.Installation on board the first ship has been completed. Home-On-Target (HOT) flight tests were conducted during August 2013.(Design completed for IAF version)

    NGARM (next generation anti-radiation missile) development started.

    HELINA test fired.

    Rustom-II: first flight soon.

    Aerostats: Following the successful demonstration of Akashdeep, a new aerostat system, Nakshatra is being developed to track a 450 km radius that is approximately four times the present 110 km radius surveillance track of Akashdeep. The surveillance systemwhich is 17,000 cubic metres volume can rise up to 4.5 km with a payload capacity
    of IT.

    Pinaka mk 2- To enhance the range of the existing Pinaka rockets from 39 km to 60 km, development of Pinaka Mk-II rocket has been taken up. Structural and ground resonance test and lining of motor tubes have been completed. Static trials have been conducted for batch proof of cast motors.Three numbers of stabilizer assembly have qualified for integration. Seven numbers of flight hardware were prepared for conduct of 3rd dynamic trial which were held in November 2013.

    AIP: The activities related to Pre Production Flo Model (PPFM) hardware system, control
    system for PPFM and 300 kW simulated load facility to test PPFM have been completed this year. Hydrogen generation prototype has also been integrated and tested.

    VARUNASTRA & ALWT in finishing stages.

    Astra Mk-II propulsion system is under development.

    ALTAS on trials.

    Advanced MAAREECH in production.

    KAUTILYA Satellite ELINT System under development.

    EW suits development for mig 29,LCA,Mi 17 is going on .(More EW stuff in the document)

    Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar (AESA) ‘UTTAM’: DRDO has taken upthe development of flight control RADAR for Fighter Aircraft with 100 km range and multimode operation. Realisation and calibration of prototype Active Aperture Array Antenna Unit (AAAU) has been completed with indigenous TR modules. Airworthy Radar processor and exciter - receiver have been realised and tested on a high rise platform in Mechanical Scanned Array configuration (MSA) for validation of various algorithms and waveforms of the fire control radar.Software development for Air-Air sub modes has been carried out.

    Improved Kanchan Armour and Single Crystal Blades and Vanes for Aero-Engine applications mastered.

    Medium Power Radar (MPR) ‘Arudhra’ trials completed.

    Full document : http://t.co/GR04vabuTx

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