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    Annual Report of DRDO for year 2014-2015

    The main highlights are(I will keep adding till i complete reading the report,please bear with incomplete post till then)

    1) Astra Range is now mentioned at 60 Kms
    2) Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet Propulsion - Finalization of missile configuration for testing SFDR technology,Preliminary Design Review (PDR) of propulsion system and avionics system completed. Two tests have been carried out successfully of indigenous nozzle less
    3) New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile (NGARM): DRDO is involved in the design and development of NGARM having a range of 100 km. Major achievements in the year include completion of PDR’s for airframe structures, propulsion system, onboard computer, passive homing head and electrical integration. Interface testing of missile has also been completed. Preliminary design phase is completed, wind tunnel testing is in progress and hardware is under realization.
    4) Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV): DRDO is developing HSTDV having speed up to 6.2 Mach.Successful ground test of full scale scramjet combustor carried out with gaseous ethylene fuel for 20 sec in connect pipe mode test facility. Fuel could ignite at extreme combustor entry Mach number of 2.7. Combustor performance meets the mission requirement in terms of thrust generation.Prototype of cruise vehicle bulkheads has been realized. Flight hardware of inter-stage has also been realized for launch vehicle.
    5) Directed Energy Laser System: DRDO has initiated a project for the development of 10kW proof-of-concept directed energy system against UAVs like target and establishment of critical technologies of precision tracking/ pointing and laser beam combination.
    6) ASB Glide: Non-winged version of guided bomb having a range of 30 km has been named as ‘Garuda’ and winged version of
    this weapon having 100 km range is called as ‘Garuthma’. Garuda store has been successfully released from the Su-30 MKI
    aircraft during 2013. Transfer alignment and safe separation have been proven as part of development trials of Garuda. Wing kit
    realization and wind tunnel tests have been completed as a part of development trials of winged version Garuthma. Garuthma
    drop trials were conducted successfully on December 19, 2014 in Bay of Bengal off the Odisha coast.
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    Is there a thread for SFDR missile?

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