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Jun 15, 2014
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DRDO Annual Report 2014-15

The main highlights are(I will keep updating till i complete reading of the report).

1) Development of 1500 hp Engine: As a part of the 'National Mission' for the development of military engines, a project for 'development of 1500 hp engine' for next generation main battle tank (NGMBT) has been taken up by DRDO. During the year 2014, the first milestone of conceptual design by DRDO was successfully completed.
2) Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS): DRDO has taken up the task of design and development of 155m/52 Cal ATAGS having higher accuracy and consistency (0.6% in range, 0.2% in line) for Artillery of Indian Army. Hardware subsystems viz. barrel, first breech mechanism, muzzle brake, recoil system, gun structure and automotive and automation and control system, fixed firing stand, gun integration, gun barrel etc. are under realization.
3) Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System (MBRLS) 'Pinaka' Mk-II: MBRLS 'Pinaka' is an all weather indirect fire free flight artillery rocket system. Following induction of two regiments of Pinaka Mk-I. DRDO has taken the design and development of Pinaka Mk-II having an enhanced range of 60 km. Design configuration has been finalized and hardware realised for the first set of Pinaka Mk-II. Preliminary technical trials to freeze design have been carried out. Five series of dynamic trials were conducted at PXE and 40 nos. of rockets fired with inert warhead and telemetry.
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