Defence given lift-off to buy Growler warplanes

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    WASHINGTON has given the go-ahead for Australia to buy the EA-18G "Growler" electronic warfare aircraft.

    It is the most advanced warplane of its type in the world, defence industry sources said yesterday.

    The Australian understands the decision was made about a fortnight ago by the US Technology, Transfer, Security Assistance, Review Board (TTSARB), a decision that could pave the way for the first foreign military sale of the Growler, defence sources said.

    TTSARB rules on potential foreign sales of sensitive high-end US military equipment. Its decision follows last year's request by the Rudd government to have 12 F/A-18F Super Hornets, half a 24-plane order for the RAAF, configured on Boeing's assembly line for a possible Growler upgrade.

    Australia bought 24 F/A-18F Super Hornets -- described by its maker as the world's best multi-role fighter -- in a $6 billion deal to acquire a "bridging capability" to cover the retirement of its ageing fleet of F-111 strike aircraft.

    The Super Hornet is regarded as a 4.5 generation aircraft ahead of a $16bn order for a so-called fifth-generation aircraft, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

    Defence given lift-off to buy Growler warplanes | The Australian
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    Australia has signed all End-user Pacts and agreements.

    Of they are offered advanced EW suits , Secure communications equipment , Jamming tools . etc.

    India has not signed a some of these Pacts and Agreements, and will most likely not sign.
    many service men oppose such pacts.

    IF India is offered the The growler , we will only get a stripped down version.

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