China sends artists to the countryside in Mao-style cultural campaign

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    Mao sent intellectuals and others were “sent down” to labour among peasants in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution.

    Is this another form of Cultural Revolution wherein it will be used to purge the “impure” elements of Chinese society and revive the revolutionary spirit that had led to victory in the civil war 20 decades earlier and the formation of the People’s Republic of China.

    If not, then where is the connection between artists, film-makers, and TV personnel and “form a correct view of art”?

    If villagers were the experts on the issue “form a correct view of art", then the villagers should have been taken to town to replace the artists, film-makers, and TV personnel. It would save money where they would not require training being experts.

    Xi wants this to 'promote socialism'. It is an indication that all this aping of the West (vulgar is what they indicate indirectly?) has slowly given way to very 'dangerous' mindset that is growing to challenge the Communist Party and may even overthrow it, or possibly that is what is worrying the Communists.

    It appears Xi is worried that he is losing his grip given that a large number of Communist functionaries who were having a free run and a ball are ganging up.

    Hence, the same trick of Mao - use high sounding ideas but ensure that all opposition is crushed.

    This 'exile' of a group who are slowly trying to assert themselves is a warning to others who wish to challenge Xi that they too will meet the same fate.
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    Re: China sends artists to the countryside in Mao-style cultural campa

    Chinese citizens are treated like Robots !!

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