Australian woman marries a bridge in France

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    Australian woman marries a bridge in France


    An Australian woman has taken her desire for the ‘strong and silent’-type to a new extreme when she married a bridge.

    Jodi Rose married Le Pont du Diable Bridge in Céret, southern France after falling head over heels for the ‘sensual’ 14th century stone structure.

    Ms Rose, or Mrs Le Pont du Diable, has spent the past decade travelling the world recording the vibrations in bridge cables with contact microphones and using them to create experimental music.

    After visiting dozens of bridges all over the world for her Singing Bridges musical project, she decided this was 'The One'.

    Although her new husband may struggle to express his feelings, newlywed Jodi said ‘his being is very present, and I feel at peace in his strong embrace.’

    ‘He makes me feel connected to the earth and draws me to rest from my endless nomadic wanderings. He is fixed, stable, rooted to the ground, while I am nomadic, transient, ever on the road.

    ‘He gives me a safe haven, brings me back to ground myself, and then lets me go again to follow my own path, without trying to keep me tied down or in thrall to his needs or desires. I am devoted to him.’

    The wedding between Jodi and Le Pont du Diable, which translates to The Devil’s Bridge, took place in front of 14 guests and was blessed by the mayor of neighbouring town Saint-Jean-de-Fos.

    The pair made their vows at the groom’s entrance. Rose wore a custom bridal gown and veil, and commissioned rings for both her and the bridge.

    ‘He understands that I love other bridges – and men – ours is a love that embraces the vagaries of life, as materialised in the swirling currents of the river that flows beneath his magnificent body,’ Rose wrote on her website.

    ‘The Devil’s Bridge is everything I could desire in a husband – sturdy, trustworthy, sensual, kind and handsome,’ she added.

    Their union is not legally recognised in France, but Rose claims their marriage is as strong as any other.

    ‘This is not a decision I undertake lightly, just as our curves complement, we truly bring joy to each other, and the strength of his pylons will always carry me home.’

    Ms Rose, who says she is completely devoted to her new husband, have yet to explain how she determined the sex of the bridge.

    Australian woman Jodi Rose marries a bridge in France - and even gets the mayor's blessing | Mail Online
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    if an indian did that, all the whites of this world would get a massive orgasm and start writing nasty sh!t about indians
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    The city of Humidity
    What the hell? :wtf:
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    What an old spooky looking bridge? :shocked:

    Maybe she is attracted to ghosts of medieval knights lurking beneath the bridge.

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