Afghanistan's AG removed for meeting with Taliban without permission

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    Afghanistan's AG removed for meeting with Taliban without permission - Bailey Cahall | The AfPak Channel

    Afghan President Hamid Karzai removed Attorney General Muhammad Ishaq Aloko from his position after he met with members of the Afghan Taliban's negotiation team without the Afghan government's permission (Reuters). An unnamed government official told Reuters, which reported the story on Monday, that Aloko had been instructed by the palace not to attend the meeting, which occurred in Dubai earlier this month and included members of the government's High Peace Council.

    The Qatar peace process has been deadlocked since the Taliban opened their political office in June and a Taliban official claimed on Sunday that the group is exploring options to relocate it to another Islamic country (ET). While the official said Taliban representatives would remain in Doha, another member said the group has established contacts with Turkey; the Afghan government recently indicated that it will only be a part of the peace process if the Taliban office is moved to either Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

    In an effort to jumpstart the peace process, and at the request of the Afghan government, Islamabad might free more Taliban detainees, according to a Pakistani official (ET). The official told Pakistan's Express Tribune that the release of more Taliban prisoners would be on the agenda when President Karzai visits Pakistan later this month (Pajhwok, Pajhwok). Pakistan has freed 26 Taliban prisoners since November 2012 but further releases were halted as relations between the two countries deteriorated. Kabul has long asked for the release of all Taliban prisoners

    Why would an Ag go to meet with taliban without directions from afghan govt or usa.
    they want him to go for back door talks and once news come to press make him a scapegoat....

    what personal interests do a bureaucrat have with terrorists and how a single person can decide govt policies...too bad
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    Re: Afghanistan's AG removed for meeting with Taliban without permissi

    This is not true, Karzai has denied it.

    Karzai Denies Sacking Aleko

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