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Jan 16, 2013
A gem from Adi Shankaracharya. Listen when your mind needs to be calm.



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Apr 13, 2013
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चन्दनचर्चितनीलकलेवर पीतवसनवनमाली ।
केलिचलन्मणि कुण्डलमण्डित गण्डयुगस्मितशाली ॥

हरिरिहमुग्धवधूनिकरे विलासिनि विलसति केलिपरे ॥ १॥
पीनपयोधरभारभरेण हरिं परिरम्य सरागम्।
गोपवधूरनुगायति काचिदुदञ्चितपञ्चमरागम्॥ २॥ हरिरिह
कापि विलासविलोलविलोचनखेलनजनितमनोजम्।
ध्यायति मुग्धवधूरधिकं मधुसूदनवदनसरोजम्॥ ३॥ हरिरिह
कापि कपोलतले मिलिता लपितुं किमपि श्रुतिमूले ।
चारु चुचुम्ब नितम्बवती दयितं पुलकैरनुकूले ॥ ४॥ हरिरिह
केलिकलाकुतुकेन च काचिदमुं यमुनाजलकूले ।
मञ्जुलवञ्जुलकुञ्जगतं विचकर्ष करेण दुकूले ॥ ५॥ हरिरिह
करतलतालतरलवलयावलिकलितकलस्वनवंशे ।
रासरसे सह नृत्यपरा हरिणा युवतिः प्रशशंसे ॥ ६॥ हरिरिह
श्लिष्यति कामपि चुम्बति कामपि कामपि रमयति रामाम्।
पश्यति सस्मितचारुतरामपरामनुगच्छति वामाम्॥ ७॥ हरिरिह var - परां
वृन्दावनविपिने ललितं वितनोतु शुभानि यशस्यम्॥ ८॥ हरिरिह
विश्वेषामनुरञ्जने जनयन्नानन्दमिन्दीवर-
स्वच्छन्दं व्रजसुन्दरीभिरभितः प्रत्यङ्गमालिङ्कितः
शृङ्गारः सखि मूर्तिमानिव मधौ मुग्धो हरिः क्रीडति ॥ ११॥
अद्योत्सङ्गवसद्भुजङ्गकवलक्लेशादिवेशाचलं var - नित्योसङ्ग
प्रालेयप्लवनेच्छयानुसरति श्रीखण्डशैलानिलः ।
किं च स्निग्धरसालमौलिमुकुलान्यालोक्य हर्षोदया-
दुन्मीलन्ति कुहूः कुहूरिति कलोत्तलाः पिकानां गिरः ॥ १२॥
मभ्यर्णे परिरभ्य निर्भरमुरः प्रेमान्धया राधया ।
साधु त्वद्वदनं सुधामयमिति व्याहृत्य गीतस्तुति-
व्याजादुद्भटचुम्बितस्मितमनोहरी हरिः पातु वः ॥ १३॥
॥ इति श्रीगीतगोविन्दे सामोददामोदरो नाम प्रथमः सर्गः ॥


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Jun 20, 2020
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One day, i will go through each post of this thread and i am sure there are some great gems there waiting someone to find em :D

Been listening to some old Bollywood songs and even as a kid, I developed interest in old Bollywood songs and I always wonder about how would I categorize the song styles, quality over the period of time and after years of listening to them, i think if i had to make a category it would be something like below (I am ~22 years old, i am stating it cuz i think it does matter and age is a significant bias here):

Pre-80s songs > Grandparents/Parents era : Songs in this era had more raw feeling, they had a very unique mix of western influence + that unique emerging/learning Bollywood brigade with singers like mohd. rafi, RD Burman(singer/director), Kishore kumar, Manna dey ( My favourite ), Asha Bhosle, Lata mangeskar etc. it was proly the golden age of hindi songs.

From 80s to 2000 > Uncle, Elder cousins era aka 90s kids as we call them:
You can clearly notice significant diversion from 80s. Initially, it was gradual but by 83 to 85 diversion is complete and now songs are more cheerful, lush and flowery, sometimes I wonder if the economic revolution of 91 and improvement in technology had some effect here.
If we didn't have legends in the previous era then it would without a doubt be the golden era of Bollywood songs with legends like Udit Naryan, Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, shreya ghosal and so on. This era was filled with gems, probably most of the songs played in north indian buses come from this era. Also, it's not like older singer from previous era quit out of a sudden, most of them were still active but this era would be known for the gems from the new grunts who took the responsibility and were just amazing at it.

2000 to 2015 > This is honestly, this is my childhood(kids born in late 90s or early 2000s) and I will call it 9xm era: Another clear diversion occurred in the songs around 2000, now songs are more hip-hop type, we saw some patriotic soulful gems during this time from bollywood, we saw some unique admixture of various cultures and styles in Bollywood songs here, many of them were amazing and it was fun listening to, from imran hasmi movie songs to those unique ((melodies)) of himesh reshamiya to yeh jawani hai diwani or songs from swadesh to 3 idiots and bhag dk bose dk bose, etc. and at the end rise and fall of the honey singh and with him the rap industry in bollywood marks the end of this era.
I think this was proly the most dynamic and active era of the Bollywood songs but sadly this era also marks the start of the decline of quality songs and by the end of 2015 it is complete with little of good songs, rise of singers like neha kakkar and badshah makes it worse and rap songs are mostly trash....and ngl, it started in good direction, even hip-hop was not bad but it ends swiftly.

2015+ > The dark age : Most of the songs are trash, low effort, soulless productions...there are exceptions here and there, like 2 to 3 songs in a year are good. I remember there used to be some uniqueness among singers, from the energetic mukesh to soulful manna dey to melodic mohd. rafi to beauties like alka yagnik, shreya ghosal, sonu nigam we had so many gems in the past but i hardly remember any good singer nowadays which can hold candle to those legends, it's pathetic and sad.
The advent of autotune has destroyed music industry, lyrics don't matter, talent doesn't matter anymore. I don't know if i am getting old or songs are actually this shiet nowadays.

All this opinion is about mainstream singers mostly, i will not go into newbies etc since I don't have much time.

I have my custom playlist based on this category, maybe it would have been great if i gave examples of songs during respective era but that would be too time consuming maybe later i will add.

For now, i am leaving this song here :


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Oct 8, 2020
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I haven't listened to any music lately. It gets me distracted when I work and it irritates me when I’m looking for peace. I don’t hear them when I’m busy either. For example, my sister would ask me to turn down the volume when I’m playing Jamming Jars but I didn’t know it was on. But when I am on my free time I usually play a lot of chill music when I am reading and when I do my trainings and workouts I bust out the punk and rock music

I listen to green day too, here is my current workout music which is kickstart my heart lol and whenever I play online poker over at casinodays I usually gravitate towards lofi chill music



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Aug 10, 2020
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Ya'll Nibbiars


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