Upgraded BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle for Indian Army


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Oct 20, 2015
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Recently MOD awarded 5,000 crore BMP 2 upgraded contract to Ordnance Factory Board. Currently Indian Army has 1500 BMP 2 Infantry Fighting vehicles in service. In October 2014 Government of India gave nod to procure additional 362 more BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles for Indian Army. Indian Army BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles being upgraded for few more years until Future Infantry Combat Vehicles arrives in action. For past so many years BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles upgrades have been delayed due to some problems. Initially Government of India invited private companies to participate in BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles upgrades but due to some reasons that did not happen. However in January 2017 Government of India awarded contract to Ordnance Factory Board.

Indian Army BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles upgrades includes TIFCS (thermal imaging fire control system) to increase accuracy of weapon system and panoramic sights for commanders to see in all directions. The new turret for BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle which has twin anti-tank missile launchers. And also additional AGS 30 Automatic Grenade Launchers. Advanced “TISK” system that can integrate ATGMs, auto cannons and PK machine guns to ensure that it can fire accurately in night. Increasing existing engine horse power 285 from to 360 horse power. The new engine 360 horse power will provide better mobility and increase swim speed of 7 kmph. The new additional armor will provide protection from small arms calibers and medium calibers bullets. The BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles are very vulnerable to RPG attack (Rocket Propelled Grenade) to overcome this DRDO unveil BMP Urban Survival Kit (BUSK) during Defexpo 2014 function of these armor that will crush RPG attack it is very similar to US Army Stryker vehicle that was deployed in Iraq and it very successful against all RPG attack.

It is also better for Indian Army to consider reinforced hull for BMP 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles for protection against land mines blast and IED attacks. Modern day battle have become necessary for BMP 2 Infantry Vehicles for more protection for example we should add 14.5 mm armor piercing round for all 360 degree round protection. And also some light weight reactive armor tiles. All these upgrade will lead to increase weight of vehicle with few tons and we should not compromise amphibious capability of the vehicles.


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Apr 10, 2014
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Slovak army has recently modified their bmp 1 and 2 to a absolute new level
BVP-M2 SKCZ is a new program to upgrade armoured BVP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, a local Czech Republic production of Russian-made BMP-2.

Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic provide an upgraded vehicle able to protect the soldiers against new threats of the modern battlefield.

BVP-M2 SKCZ was unveiled at IDET 2013, the Defence Exhibition in Czech Republic.

BVP-M2 SKCZ has been designed and manufactured within a joint project of the following cooperating companies, VOP Trencin, a.s., Slovak Republic, EVPU a.s. Nova Dubnica, Slovak Republic and EXCALIBUR ARMY spol. s r.o., Czech Republic.

This project considers all the up-to-date requirements and conditions of the current development relevant to military as well as technological fields, thus this project represent the world's first complex upgrade of BMP-1&2 that eliminates the weaknesses of the original vehicles. The open architecture concept of this upgrade package allows implementing also other upgrade items as per customers' requirements.

This modernization extends the service life of the BMP-2 by another 20 years.

The upgraded BVP-M2 SKCZ infantry fighting vehicle is the base platform for other variants such as command, reconnaissance, communications, engineer, ambulance etc.

The BVP-M2 SKCZ is fitted with new ballistic protection including inside spall liners which provides a protection Level 2 STANAG 4569. Add-on armour is also available to increase the protection up to level 3 or 4. Slat armour providing protection against RPG-type of threats may be installed too.

The BVP-M2 SKCZ is also protected against mine threats under the track on level 2a and level 1 under the hull of the vehicle.

The internal space of the vehicle is enhanced to be more comfortable and allows a long-term transport for the crew and troops. There is also individual seats which are not fixed to the floor to provide better protection against mine blast.

Standard equipment of the new BVP-M2 SKCZ includes modern fire-fighting system in the engine compartment, fire-suppression system in the crew and troop compartment, independent air heater, air-conditioning, thermal and noise insulation.

The original driving unit is replaced by a new modern powerpack which provides more performance to ensure better maneuverability and dynamic properties of the vehicle despite its higher weight.

The BVP-M2 SKCZ is fitted with a TURRA 30 remotely controlled weapon station (RCWS) armed with a 30 mm cannon, 7.62 mm/12.7 mm coaxial machine gun, anti-tank guided missile system and smoke grenade launchers covering area of 120°. The scale of fire is n x 360° in traverse and from -10° to + 75° in elevation which allows to engage such threats as light and medium armoured vehicles, centres of fire, personnel and low-flying targets.

The major RCWS components are armour-protected against damage. The RCWS biaxial gyroscopic stabilization and enhanced elevation & traverse speed substantially improve the fire efficiency even when driving.

Observation and sighting devices of the commander and gunner are capable of target detecting and aiming at day or night and at reduced visibility. The commander may use an independent panoramic optoelectronic observation system.

The commander's and gunner's stations are located in the front of the combat compartment under the weapon station. Both the commander and gunner may fully operate the RCWS using the support of the fire control system with an integrated BMS (Battle Management System).
DRDO should also look in for such types of interim solution ttill the FICV is produced


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Apr 13, 2013
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India-Russia Tie Up for Billion-$ BMP-2 Upgrade Project

The partnership has been struck in anticipation of a mega project worth billions of dollars for upgrading hundreds of Russian-made BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles of the Indian armed forces.

Indian private firm Ashok Leyland Defense System (ALDS) has partnered with Russia's state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport and ELCOM Group of India to provide a local solution to the tracked vehicle upgrade program of the Indian armed forces. The partnership has been struck in accordance with India's new strategic partnership model for defense purchases. The partners are now hoping to bag a mega project worth billions of dollars for upgrading the Russian made BMP-2- a second-generation, amphibious infantry combat vehicle.

"We are happy that Rosoboronexport has chosen ALDS & ELCOM as its partners in India to address the Tracked Vehicle Upgrade Programs of Indian Armed Forces. The issue of indigenization and availability of service and parts, which has been an area of concern, will now be addressed as ALDS and ELCOM will be responsible for manufacturing in India and also providing life cycle support," Amandeep Singh, Head (Defense), Ashok Leyland said.

"Whatever mobility solution is required for the military combat vehicles, we will be part of that," An ALDS official told Sputnik citing the company's interest in the up-gradation project.

Presently, the Indian Army has approximately two BMP-2 vehicles out of which more than a thousand are due for overhaul and up-gradation since 2015. Earlier this year, India had nominated state-owned firms BEL and Ordnance Factory Board to carry out mid-life 263 BMP-2. The contract for upgrading the remaining vehicles are yet to be awarded. The tracked vehicle upgrade program calls for localization of the up-gradation project, therefore, a number of Indian firms are hoping to grab the contract by forging partnerships with global exporters.

The contract for upgrading 263 BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles was awarded at an estimated cost of $375 million wherein BEL and Ordnance Factory Board will equip the vehicles with electro-optic fire control system to boost surveillance capabilities and advanced thermal imaging sights for night-fighting capabilities.

According to sources, the up-gradation of BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICV) will include increasing the mobility with change in engine, transmission, gear and suspension system, cooling system, weapons system and ammunition, gunner sighting (day and night), commander sighting, FCS, ATGM, level of protection, and maintainability.

Ashok Leyland will also compete for the armored fighting vehicle project which will be manufactured in India under the newly announced strategic partnership model.


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