U.K. could become Russia's major hi-tech partner - official


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Oct 5, 2009
U.K. could become Russia's major hi-tech partner - official

The U.K. could become one of Russia's leading partners in innovative technologies, the head of the country's hi-tech government corporation Rosnano told RIA Novosti.

"I can say for sure that the U.K. is among several leading countries, whose partnership could give a major boost to Russia's innovative economy. We should have dozens of projects with the U.K., and this [goal] is absolutely realistic," Anatoly Chubais said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Chubais paid a two-day visit to London this week to continue dialog on joint high-tech projects with U.K. companies, mainly in high-tech electronics and biotechnologies.

He said that during the visit he already signed a protocol of intentions with a local company, involved in the research of non-silicon electronic technologies. He said the document stipulates that the partners would build a production facility in Russia based on U.K. technologies.

"Some unexpected, but viable ideas have also been voiced. For example, a private company suggested establishing a "nanotech commodity exchange" - a platform to certify, verify and establish market value for some nanotechnology products... such as carbon nanotubes," he said.

Russia is set to invest up to 286 billion rubles ($9.4 billion) in nanotechnology projects in 2008-2015.


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