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Jul 6, 2009
Notice-Its my humble request to all the readers to understand it & view the passage positively.

In my opinion Indian politicians = Terrorists [90% of Terrorists are uneducated so are 90% of Indian Politicians].

Educational qualification is required even for a lower job level where as an ILLITERATE\CRIMINAL can become a politician.This is one of the reason for growing unemployment in India. Criminal Record is an added advantage if a person is contesting for elections [Nowdays I think its compulsory] & i am not lying,You can use RTI act and find the number of pending cases in various courts against MLA's,Mayors,IPS officers,IAS officers,Political leaders etc & i bet that you will be shocked.

Only a handful of politicians are skilled & educated and are the ones who truly deserve their post.The rest are useless. In 1962 Indo-China war it was our politicians who decided not to use IAF as it would have escalated the conflict.Later it was found out that the Chinese air force lacked the spares & their fighters were in a terrible situation.If IAF had been allowed to join the army operations the result would have been the opposite.For how many more years are our brave soldiers going to sacrifice their lives due to incompetent & useless politicians.The only thing our politicians care about is how to fill their pockets & retain their position & nothing else.The politics shown in movies is nothing when compared to politics in real world. The decisions taken by our politicians are not for the welfare of the people but for their VOTES.

It is us who have to take the initiative and move forward & set an example for others.You will find many followers in India but very few leaders & those who have the leadership qualities are not willing to come forward.
Don't wait for others,You take the 1st step & when you turn around you will find 1000's of people supporting you.They are the result of the 1st step you have taken.Prove what you are to yourself & you will surely find success.

"If Death Strikes Before I Prove My Blood I Swear I'll Kill Death"

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