The Russian GS unveils for the first time its bulletproof vest B-17 for Pakistani Army at IDEAS 2016


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Apr 21, 2014
The bulletproof vest B-17 is designed for protection of a human body against the effect of firearm bullets as a means of individual armor protection of periodic external wearing. The vest B-17 has been designed by GS upon the requirements of the Pakistani Army. The first prototype have been tested during Autumn 2016. Serial production will start in 2017.

The bulletproof vest B-17 has been designed upon Pakistani Army requirements
(Credit: Army Recognition)

The outer carriers of the chest and back sections have amortizing absorbers. Chest and back sections are split and connected by hook-and-loop fasteners and regulating buckles in the shoulder and by hook-and-loop fasteners in the belt area.The bulletproof vest B-17 consists of a check section with collar, a back section with collar and a replaceable groin pad. The assembled product (with removable pockets) is about 7.5kg. The chest/back armor panels are about 1.8kg.

GS is a Russian company which provides complex solutions for security provision, armored vehicles, safety systems and special equipment and services.
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