The DFI Team presents: The DFI India Quiz, World Quiz and Combined Services Quiz


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Feb 23, 2009
Ladies & Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the restart of the DFI India Quiz, World Quiz and Combined Services Quiz.

The DFI webforum has instituted a dedicated team of 13 fine individuals to provide you with some of the exclusive ancillary activities our pioneering members are used to. Among this stellar team are:

  • NSG_Blackcats, sabir and johnee: for the DFI India Quiz
    [*]SATISH, notinlove, S.A.T.A. and rpraveenkum: the DFI World Quiz
    [*]Soham and bengalraider: the World Combined Services Quiz

The team will be responsible for the regular progress and moderation of the quizzes. They will provide you with interesting tidbits of information on various topics, and will seek to broaden your horizons via a host of varied questions on defence, politics, history, military history, geography, culture and many others.

The Quizzes will kick start on Friday, Apr 2, 12 NOON, IST and will run for a period of 11 weeks, during which we aim to bring you some of the most exciting, interesting and challenging contests on defence and the world around you.

Members of all backgrounds and statures are invited to participate. Guidelines will be issued on the various quizzes, and the threads will be monitored regularly for responses by their Team-DFI designates.

We also propose to have various equally gripping arts contests & competitions, the first of which will be brought to you shortly. Stay tuned.

So, without further ado ladies & gentlemen, I give you:

* If you're interested in being part of Team-DFI, contact NSG_Blackcats or me via PM.

** Feedback and opinion are welcome, and can be done also via personal message to me or thakur_ritesh.
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