Sweden To Establish Arms Export Agency


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Mar 21, 2009
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Sweden To Establish Arms Export Agency

HELSINKI - Sweden's Ministry of Defense has appointed a special investigator to prepare and implement the establishment of a structure to support a new arms export authority.

The appointment of Special Investigator Ulf Hammarström represents the government's latest move to streamline the country's assorted and overlapping defense support apparatus and organizations.

Hammarström has held directorship positions with the European Defense Agency and the Swedish EU Representation Office, both in Brussels. The new authority's activities are due to start on Aug. 1.

The planned state-funded agency will assume complete responsibility for the export of defense industry materials, as well as the sale of excess military stock in the defense sector.

"The export authority that we are planning will be very internationally focused, and this will help the defense industry," said Sten Tolgfors, Sweden's defense minister.

The proposed agency will provide a better division of duties within the state's defense support infrastructure, he said.

"It will contribute to more efficient operations, a comprehensive state system that will deliver an improved prioritization of activities," Tolgfors said.

The reform program aims to cut costs by $400 million by centralizing certain core functions and agencies under one roof. Other more far-reaching planned changes may see the reorganization of FMV, the state's defense materials agency, by 2012.

Sweden To Establish Arms Export Agency - Defense News

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