Sheikh Mujib feared India could annex Bangladesh


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Apr 5, 2010
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It is supposed to work similarly in BD also. However, the general feeling here is that the current BAL govt uses its close ties with India to prevent any activity by opposition parties. It cracks down hard on any voice of dissent. In sum, India is loosing any sympathy among BS masses.
The so called opposition parties in Bangladesh are stupid !! as you say for BAL similarly for the BNP & JI opposition parties think the only way is to bash & needle India with ISI terrorists ... This is exactly what BAL wants them to do... The more BNP & JI becomes anti India ... more benefit for BAL...

India stood rock solid behind BAL in last election and went against USA who criticized the current regime...

The understanding is very simple... BAL will not allow Bangladeshi territory to be used against India and India will in return support BAL and none of India's concern whatever it does in their own country, ... This simple equation was too difficult for BNP to understand...
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Aug 25, 2015
1.Situation of BD is like that of a mouse sitting next to an elephant. We naturally live under this pressure. Our history tells us that invaders from the west visited our fertile land whenever our guards were down.
2. We cannot ignore the fact that RSS is the power behind the current Indian regime. And RSS is never shy to explain that they seek to establish Hindutva and Akhand Bharat.
Don't worry.
India doesn't want another Muslim state !!!

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