Setting the New Normals in India Pakistan relationship


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Feb 17, 2017
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I am sharing a you tube video here:-

How Trump makes extreme things look normal

If you watch this video, you will understand how Trump is playing psychologically.

Some things that were unthinkable under the previous governments, he talks of them with ease. So that even if unthinkable is not done, people start thinking about something that previous governments should have considered ridiculous or radical. This video talks about how radical change can be made a new normal.

If we apply the same logic in India Pakistan relationship, Talking of Modi regarding Balauchistan freedom on Independence day from Red Fort was something unthinkable under previous governments. But now you can see people are openly talking about India should morally** support Balauchistan and Sindh freedom from Pakistan.

Similarly after announcing the surgical strikes last year, publicizing of crossing the LOC was unthinkable during previous governments. By publicizing it (unthinkable), crossing the LOC has become New normal today to get revenge by killing Pakistani army men.

It's time to set new normals by doing some unthinkable acts.
1. Use drones to attack Pakistani posts, killing Pakistani army men as revenge for any terrorists attack or ceasefire violations.

2. Capture Pakistani posts in POK in revenge for terrorists attack or ceasefire violations. Such posts should never be returned. Rather the LOC is shifted further.

3. Use of tanks/ artillery guns to attack Pakistani posts and civilians as a revenge for terrorists attacks or ceasefire violations. I am saying civilians because that will create public outcry in Pakistan to stop terrorism and not to poke India as the burnt is born by civilians.

4. Missiles attacks on terrorists camps. Satellites images should be taken in advance and shared with intelligence agencies of U.S. and a couple of friends and such missiles attacks can be justified. This is something unthinkable of India doing it today. But we can make such ridiculous or radical attacks within Pakistan.

5. Today Indian government is not supporting Balauchistan, Sindh and other freedom fighters in Pakistan. Let's openly do canvassing for these freedom fighters in US and EU at diplomatic levels. Let the world realize that world will be a better place if Pakistan is divided into four pieces. It is unthinkable today but world opinion will change to think about ridiculous or radical act of breaking Pakistan.

6. We don't have any problems with China as such other than China's expansion plans which are against our interest. World war 2 started because of Germany's expansion plans. We need to seriously talk to China to forget border disputes with India. If China can forget that, China can find and ally in India rather than a competitor that can be used by other nations to destabilize or counterbalance China. If China can be made an ally, we can break Pakistan any days to end this shit of terrorism.

7. Declare that any killed terrorists will be denied burial and will be burnt to ashes. This is something unthinkable for government. But if they start debating, army can burn the terrorists bodies without declaring because terrorists don't have religion and in such case follow majority religion practice I.e. burn the bodies.

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