Saudi Scientists Treat Cancer with Camel Urine


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Jun 10, 2009
Nano-particles in Camels’ urine may help treat cancer

By Farah Mustafa Wadi

Dr. Faten Abdel-Rahman Khorshid is responsible for one of the Kingdom’s greatest national achievements in the field of science for her work which began with the urine of camels and concluded in a potential cure for cancer. After spending more than five years in lab research, this Saudi scientist and faculty member from King Abdul Aziz University (KAAU) and President of the Tissues Culture Unit at King Fahd Center for Medical Research, has discovered that nano-particles in the urine of camels can attack cancer cells with success. Her work began with experiments involving camel urine, cancer cells found in patients’ lungs and culminated in injecting mice with leukemic cancel cells and camel urine to test the results.

Speaking to the Saudi Gazette, Dr. Khorshid claimed that she was inspired by Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) medical advice and that camel urine consists of natural substances that work to eradicate malignant cells and maintain the number of healthy cells in a cancer patient.

“This treatment is not an invention, but rather, taken from our Prophet’s legacy,” she remarked. A Hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari (2855) and Muslim (1671) claims that some people came to Madina and fell ill with bloated abdomens. The Prophet (pbuh) told them to combine the milk and urine of a camel and drink that, after which they recovered. A swollen abdomen may indicate edema, liver disease or cancer. Dr. Khorshid added that she is not a medial doctor but a scientist and her job involves the preparation and testing of a drug in the lab and supervising the manufacture, testing and application of the drug.

“We have researched and studied (camel urine) for seven years, during which we have tested the effectiveness of camel urine in fighting cancer to prerequisites set by the International Cancer Institute,” she explained. According to her published study on the subject, the clinical trial her team conducted on patients indicated that the medicine (capsules and syrup) did not entail any harmful side effects.

In the case of a volunteer patient with lung cancer, the medicine helped in halving the size of the tumor after only one month. The patient, and others like him, are still undergoing treatment. Heeding the advice found in the Hadith, Dr. Khorshid is combining specific amounts of camel milk and urine to develop her medicine and focuses on particular types of cancer, including lung cancer, blood cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, brain tumors and breast cancer.

She added that she advises all of her volunteer patients to use fresh camel milk and urine with the two components given individually for a period of time and then combined together later. Other illnesses, including vitiligo (depigmentation in certain areas of the skin), eczema and psoriasis (an autoimmune disease which affects the skin and joints). However, Dr. Khorshid adds that she will only dispense this medicine to patients on a non-voluntary basis when pharmaceutical companies obtain a license to do so. Currently, the medication is still undergoing tests.

“We will provide ointments, capsules, syrup, shampoo, soap and gels to combat a number of the illnesses mentioned, but only after they have been licensed by the Ministry of Health and mass-manufactured by the pharmaceutical company,” she explained.

Her study has obtained the formal approval of the Ethics Committee of Scientific Research at KAAU. Meanwhile, her research has earned her team the gold medal for innovation in the Kingdom in 2008, and the medicine was also chosen as one of the six best innovations out of 600 entrants at the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2009, held in Malaysia in May. - SG

Saudi Gazette - Nano-particles in Camels? urine may help treat cancer


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Jun 8, 2009
I bet the camels give him the stink eye when he goes near them


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Jun 10, 2009
The comments underneath the article are gold:

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» Thanks | KHOSHHAL posted...
Thanks a lot for all you and your team hard work. Any idea where/when we would be able to buy the new product?

» | Eduard Shevardnadze posted...
very good news. everybody in the (western) world has always known that "scientists" in the islamic part of the world had been misjudged for their alledged non-contributions to the development of the people in the world. does this mean finally that saudis will not come anymore for cancer treatments to europe (esp. to germany)? we still do have some open bills to be paid by saudis in our clinic in berlin. please stay away next time or pay in advance. regards.

» | Imran posted...


» Mr. | Azhar Iqbal posted...
Does this mean that Hindus suggesting drinking cow's urine for various health benefits could be right as well? I always found the idea rather sickening. 8943

» Mr | Adewale Abdul-Azeez posted...
Can you please help to get my meesage accross to Dr. Khorshid, I am happy the source of this is the holy prophet (SAW) which makes it even more comfortable for me. I am a patient of Vitiligo and I will be delighted to know when this drug will be available to public and how I can obtain it. Salam alaykun.

» JAZAKILLAHU KHAYRAN | Umm Yahya 'Aisha Farina posted...
Assalamu 'alaykum waRahmatullahi ta'ala waBarakatuhu.
Jazakillahu khayran Ukhti fillah!! You are al-'Izza for your sisters in Islam mashaAllah,
your sister Aisha

AmatAllah (il blog-biblioteca di Umm Usama)
» DIr.. Research and founder of the FIsher Institute for Medical Research | H. Reg McDaniel, M.D. posted...
In Texas water is taken by cities on the Trinity river by cities > than ten times. Sewer water is processed & dumped back into the flow. It would be interesting to know if the incidence (i) of malignancy is in each county as one approached the gulf. More chlorination eliminated the rise in Hep A i. MORAL: Human urine & feces are more sickening than cow urine! Could it be therapeutic?

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