Russian overhauled Mig-29s take to the air with Indian air force

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Apr 21, 2013
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The first two Mig-29 fighters of the Indian air force, which have been completely overhauled with Russian assistance to the level of the Mig-29UPG, are already carrying out flights, while another two are being prepared for flight, reported RIA Novosti citing Mig head Sergei Korotkov.

“As of today the Indians have already assembled five aircraft themselves. Two of which are already flying. Therefore, according to the timetables that have been envisaged, we are already moving”, said the corporation’s head, observing that the first six airplanes had been supplied by the Russian Federation.

He said that Russia is sending technical equipment and the Indians “on their own territory carry out the upgrade “.

As Korotkov told RIA Novosti in February at the Aero India-2015 aviation exhibition in Bangalore, the upgrade of the Mig-29 was being envisaged in two stages. The first stage was repairing the aircraft, then the actual upgrade of the air frame and installation of new systems which provide the aircraft with new functions. As a result of the upgrade he appearance of the airplane changes.

The contract for the upgrade of the Mig29 was signed with India in 2008. The Mig-29 was supplied to India in the 1980s.

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