Russia-China do not see eye-to-eye on weapon sales


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Dec 17, 2009
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In FSVTS fear falling Military Trade Cooperation with China

Moscow. March 15. Interfax-AVN - The volume of Russo-Chinese military-technical cooperation declined, but this is the direction of Russia's arms exports still has great potential, said first deputy director FSVTS Russia Alexander Fomin.

"However, the prospects for cooperation, despite the recent positive dynamics in several areas, it should be noted that the volume of bilateral cooperation remains modest. Since 2006, not signed any major contract," - said in an interview with Alexander Fomin magazine "GDP", the text of which is available on the site FSVTS Russia.

According to A. Fomin, "it can not bother us, because this situation does not meet the achieved level of relations of trust.

"We can not agree with the approach of the Chinese side, based on the principle of electoral procurement of arms and military equipment from Russia. We believe that cooperation must be truly mutually beneficial, when the work is done on topics that would benefit not only China but also Russia's side," - Fomin said.

He noted that "great potential for cooperation are areas such as combat and military transport aviation, naval equipment, air defense systems and after sales services listed equipment."

"An important area of cooperation could be also an upgrade in the implementation of repairs at various levels of complexity," said Alexander Fomin.

According to him, Russia also hopes "to continue the dialogue with the Chinese side on landing craft air cushion" Bison. "

"I stress that much of the components for such vehicles is only in Russia. Therefore, the cooperation on this and other subjects with non-manufacturers of Russia's technology could lead to unjustifiable risks for China, including financing," -- Fomin said.

Feb 16, 2009
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Russians want to sell the weapons and chinese want to buy the least amount possible then reverse engineer and resell cheaper than the russians this has been the issue for decades the problem ,now is Russia can't produce the next generation faster than the chinese reverse engineers.

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