Refugees and India

abu bakr

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Feb 26, 2017
After seeing climate change disasters around india i was worried about refugees coming to india so i tried to learn about on the internet.

Here is what i found:

Climate change induced displacement in the subcontinent has exacerbated migration levels in the low-lying coastal areas of the Brahmaputra basin covering areas of Assam, Orissa, Kolkata and Bangladesh. The Sundarban delta is already suffering increased incidents of floods, cyclones, salt water infusion, sea level rise and high tides resulting in land erosion and submergence of islands. Forecasts estimates around 50 to 120 million people in Bangladesh will be affected by this and may end up becoming climate refugees of Bangladesh in India. Further estimates points increasing cross border migration trends to India as a result of earthquakes and water-induced disasters in Nepal, droughts in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the rise in sea levels around the Maldives.


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