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Apr 21, 2009
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What's purge?
Purge is a persistent, multiplayer online, FPS/RPG hybrid powered by a
highly modified Lithtech Talon technology. Originally released in 2002,
Purge was designed to perform well on the average computer of the day.
Any modern PC today should be able to play Purge. Freeform Interactive
has now officially made Purge a free game.

Note: Purge requires a registration key to unlock all the classes. This is
completely and 100% free. There are no strings attached. The key system
is still necessary as a unique user identifier for Purge to save your Role-
Playing Game character stats on the game servers. When you have
installed Purge, simply request a key. The keys are handled by the Purge
community now and not by Freeform Interactive.

Download purge 2.5.1 full version
Vollversion: Purge - Download - CHIP Online


1.download and install purge 2.5.0 full version
from Purge Jihad for PC - Purge Jihad PC Game - Purge Jihad Computer Game
(gamespot account required)
2.download and install purge 2.50>2.51 patch to update purge (same site)

Download the keygen

special thanks for EazerEgg who sent me the keygen!!

for the keygen, copy this to your browser:

Download Purge CKG.exe from safwat1995 - Host-A Hosting

Note: You DO NOT need the keygen top play, it simply unlocks all characters.

Join a server

you can't join nomrally because the ASE is down.
(server list always empty, even when there are servers online)

enter the game, then click play>>join internet game>>join ip
(if you haven't named your character you will be taken to the character setup)

then type the server info into the fields...(Address,port,and password)
If the server is online you should be able to play!
Note: sometimes you might fail to join even though the server is online, try again and it should work.

Known online servers
http://purge-underground.no-ip.org <<click here to get the address and port
Note: If the webpage is unavailable, then purge underground is offline.
Note: Purge-underground's address changes frequently

Xfire is optional, and is not part of purge. it allows you to see who's online.
if you have xfire, check this out: PurgeFinal Forums & Tech Support :: View topic - XFire Nicknames
if you want to download it, Xfire - Gaming Simplified

Contact me
for any help regarding purge,
contact me by pm, or by e-mail:
[email protected]
This is a game with pulse pounding action, and 8 different modes of play depending on the character you choose. Every character, from the Android to the Ninja have unique abilities like Super Speed, Invisibility, Homing weapons etc.

And best of all, it is COMPLETELY FREE!!!! :twizt:

I played this game for a couple of years and then left due to a lack of developer support. But some players have got back together to revive this game.......so please try it out, and if you like it, tell your friends! :D

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